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13102418 18IN X 25FT R8.0 SILVER BAGGED FLEX

Item #: 48834 
Manufacturer Item: 031-R8_18X25FT
18" x 25', 5000 FPM, 2-Ply, Silver Metalized Polyester Jacket, R8, Class 1, Plain End, Flexible Duct System

Air-tight Inner Core-Energy efficient/No fiberglass erosion into air stream

Encapsulated Wire Helix-No unraveling when cut to length/Quick installation

Smooth Inner Core-Low friction loss/Low operating cost

Tough Reinforced Metallized Polyester Jacket-Tear and puncture resistant/Low maintenance

Lightweight Compact Bag-Reduces warehouse and jobsite handling cost

Formaldehyde Free-Made with Owens Corning EcoTouch Insulation

R8 Foil Flexible Duct

Air Velocity
5000 FPM
Applicable Standard
ASTM C518, NFPA 90A/B, UL, UL 181, ADC, IMC, IRC,
Burning Character
Maximum Flame Spread 25, Maximum Smoke Developed 5
Core Material
2-Ply Tough Polyester with Steel Wire Helix
Insulation Type
Thick Blanket Fiberglass, R8
Jacket Material
Silver Metalized Polyester
25 Foot
Rated Negative Pressure
3/4 Inch WG
Rated Positive Pressure
6 Inch WG (Maximum), 10 Inch WG per UL 181
Temperature Rating
-20 to 140 Deg F (Continuous)
Class 1, Plain End
18 Inch